Seton’s Got Talent

Seton’s Got Talent

By Abby Rollinger


“Picking a favorite is so hard” seems to be the most commonly echoed response amongst those who attended the recent Seton/Elder Talent show- even from the performers. With such a wide variety of impressive performances, though, it’s not hard to see why. The annual event was held last Thursday, February 27, in Seton’s auditorium.  Twenty nine different acts sang, played instruments, recreated skits, read poems, and even engaged in acrobatics. Needless to say, the show was a huge success.

Amidst the many amazing performances, a few were surprising.  Duet partners, Diana Bolton and Cassidy Gramke, stuck out from the crowd not only for nailing their acoustic rendition of  Maroon Five’s “Payphone” via ukulele, but neither girl has ever made their singing skills known before. “I’d had a sick stomach from the anxiety all day at school thinking about the performance that night since neither of us had ever performed in front of an audience before,” explains Bolton. “I’d been in freshman chorus and a small ensemble group, but that was nothing like getting up there on your own with only one other person.” In the end, the girls had nothing to fear; their talent spoke for itself. Gramke says, “After I finished the performance I felt so relieved. I couldn’t believe it was already over. I didn’t know what to do with myself on stage and I almost forgot to bow!”

For Gramke, the talent show was more than just a way to display her gifted voice- it was her senior project! After hearing her sing, you don’t have to be a fortune teller to predict an ‘A+’ in her future. “I was kind of piggy-backing off of her senior project because I’d always wanted to see if I had it in me to get in front of a crowd and sing,” admits Bolton, “so I’m glad we were together.”  So is everyone else, Diana!

When it comes to the Elder boys, everyone knows talent show veterans like seniors Jay Quitter and Sean Feldmen can bring down the house with their hysterical Broadway worthy-performances. However, there were a few shockers, too. Not only did the Panthers produce two bands and an improved gymnastic act by the hilarious junior, Christian DiStasi, but a few solo acts made their singing debuts as well. One such fresh-faced performer was senior Chris Steege. He performed not once during program, but twice. During his first act, Steege bared a guitar and sang a version of Jack Johnson’s, “Banana Pancakes.” Later in the show, he appeared again with fellow seniors, Nick Antone and Gian Salamone, and covered the song “Swing Life Away” by Rise Against. Although he made it look easy, Steege admits his preshow jitters almost got the best of him, saying, “I was way more nervous (than excited). I nearly threw up before I went on stage. My friends gave me a good pep-talk before so it was good in the hood.”

When it comes to picking favorites, it is nearly impossible to choose. “It’s probably a three-way tie” says Bolton. “I fell in love with Caroline Klopp’s voice when I heard her and I was instantly captivated. Chris Steege’s solo act was quite possibly the greatest thing I’d ever seen just because, well, it’s Steege. And when he came back up with Nick Antone and Gian Salamone I was beyond impressed with how they sounded. Between Caroline, Chris, and the three together, I can’t really decide on just one favorite!” Gramke was a proud Seton sis when her little sister, Rachel Lind flawlessly covered “Fearless” by Taylor Swift- guitar and all. “She killed it out there” gushes Gramke. “I love Taylor Swift and the song Fearless. Rachel has an amazing voice and is so incredibly talented”. After a drawn-out deciding process, Steege finally came to the same conclusion as Bolton, saying, “My favorite act of the night was Caroline Klopp’s solo act. She has and amazing voice and is a talented pianist; I was very impressed.”

The 2014 Seton/Elder Talent show was defiantly one of the best yet, and something that neither the audience nor the performers will soon forget. If you’re feeling nostalgic, there is a video on Seton’s YouTube page featuring brief clips of every act that performed- just click on the link below! Thank you to both the returning pros and newcomers for being brave enough to show-off your amazing skills.

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