Epiphany at Seton!

Epiphany at Seton

By Jessica Wuebbolt


On Saturday, March 15, the Saints for Life Board will host its first ever Eucharistic adoration for the entire student body. Students came up with this idea this past January while on the March for Life. Because so many were moved by Eucharistic adoration with the Franciscan Friars, the Saints for Life board wanted a way to bring this experience to Seton. The board members have been busy planning this event since February.  Co-president, Susan Nussman says, “Saints for Life is so excited to host a Eucharistic Adoration event this year! We are really hoping for a large turnout! We are excited to offer the same opportunity back home in Cincinnati for the whole school!” The whole idea behind this event is to really focus our attention on the dignity of each human being. In order for people to recognize that others have dignity, first they need to discover the importance of their own identity as a daughter of God. The purpose of this event is to allow students to have an EPIPANY about our own identity as a child of God.

This event will offer an opportunity for confession, Eucharistic adoration, praise and worship, reflections from students who went on the March for Life, and guest speakers.  Guest speakers will be from the Catholic organization Ruah Woods.

The Epiphany event starts at 6:00 pm on Saturday in the group guidance room with a light dinner followed by adoration in the chapel.  The evening will conclude with dessert at 9:00 pm. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come to Saint’s for Life Epiphany event.   Feel free to bring a friend.

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