2014 Breakthrough Yearbook

2014 Breakthrough Yearbook

By Alyssa Lyons


This year’s yearbook staff hopes to captivate attention, not only from Seton students and faculty, but gain national recognition. The theme for this year, breakthrough, features a new alternative style towards categories.

This year, the yearbook editor’s-seniors Ashley O’Brien and McKenzie Downey- wanted to grow in a more developed direction towards the senior project, and underclass spreads. O’Brien said, “We wanted to feature more of the senior project, because there are many impactful projects this year.”

O’Brien also traveled to Columbus to have the cover of the 2014 yearbook designed by a professional. Senior Michelle Moehring, yearbook staff member said, “The theme of breakthrough allows us to accommodate many different styles, we wanted a more professional design to feature every aspect of Seton High School.”

The staff is in need of more pictures to fill the yearbook. If you would like to be pictured in Breakthrough, please send pictures to the photo editor, Nicole Ruffing. Pictures can range from any criteria: club events, pep rallies, dances etc.


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