50 Minute Lunch= Kick Ball

50 Minute Lunch= Kick Ball

By Sydney Schultz


Sophomores may be disappointed that it’s OGT week in Ohio, but on Monday and Tuesday, March 10 and 11, school started at 9 a.m. to help students adjust to the time change. OGT week is full of crazy school schedules, allowing school to start late, get out early, and having a mixed up class schedule with a longer lunch period. On Monday and Tuesday, instead of having Lunch 1 and Lunch 2, all grade levels were in the same lunch together, starting at 12:04 and ending at 12:54. A few students took advantage of the fifty minute lunch bell and decided to play kick ball in the side courtyard by the garage.

Senior Pep President Morgan Masminster made the announcement at lunch and invited anyone who wanted to play kick ball to come outside and join a team. The mid-sixty degree weather made this event even better. Although the entire school was allowed to participate in the game, only a group of seniors were down to play.

The first game was on Monday, and seniors were excited to be outside playing, reminiscing on days when they had recess after lunch. Team captain for Team #1 was Allie Luebbering. Her team consisted of seniors Jessica Frey, Mikayla Hartoin, Michelle Moehring, Brooke Schleben, Jenny Healey, and Carley Roberto.

Team captain for Team #2 was Ashley O’Brien. Her team consisted of seniors Sydney Schultz, Morgan Masminster, Colleen O’Connor, Alyssa Lyons, Julz Lucas, and Kelly Gallagher.

Team #2 started Ashley O’Brien as the pitcher. Although O’Brien is skilled at pitching, the other team was able to score eight runs in the first inning. When the teams switched fields, Masminster started as the kicker and Healey from Team #1 started as pitcher.

The game was intense and lasted nearly a half an hour. Many members of each team were diving to catch the ball and getting dirty in the grass, playing aggressively. Team #1 came out on top, winning 12-2 against Team #2.

All players shook hands and were full of good sportsmanship. The two teams were ready to play again on Tuesday during lunch, hoping that other students of all grade levels would join in, but to their surprise, the Seton administration told them they weren’t allowed to go outside and play again. This was very disappointing, especially because the weather was in the 70s. According to Carley Roberto, it was fun while it lasted. She said, “I had so much fun playing kick ball on Monday. It was hilarious how serious we were all being and enjoying ourselves at the same time. I wanted to play again at lunch on Tuesday and was pretty bummed out when I found out we couldn’t.”

The seniors had a blast playing kick ball outside during lunch, and if the opportunity strikes again, they are guaranteed to be out there playing again.

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