A Cinematic Choice

A Cinematic Choice

By Alissa Allison


Searching for a good film is sometimes hard to do. Many previews look deceivingand  walking out of the theater it feels like your money was wasted. The following  are just a few overviews of current movies out in theaters.


A popular new animated movie that many have already seen including myself, Frozen, has had great reviews. Even though little kids love it, there is a good message for adults and teenagers too. The movie is about a princess named Elsa who grows up with uncontrollable magical powers and puts the town under an icy spell. Her younger sister, Anna, is left to find her sister after she ran away to save the town. She makes a few friends along the way and learns many lessons of why her and her sister´s life is the way it is. An online movie review called Rotten Tomatoes calls it “Beautifully animated, smartly written, and stocked with sing-along songs.”


Instead of an animated Disney movie, a good entertaining historical movie is an option. The Monuments Men, starring Matt Damon George Clooney, is a different take on WWII. I have not seen this one but it portrays the true story of the men who were tasked by President Franklin D. Roosevelt  to rescue artistic pieces from Nazi thieves. It was not easy, considering the Germans had ahold of them and were ordered to destroy them. This is the story of how museum directors, curators, and historians rescued masterpieces.


If a comedy is what you are looking for, one movie idea to get you laughing is a comedy called Ride Along. I saw this in theaters and couldn’t stop laughing. The famous comedian, Kevin Hart, is the main character. Kevin Hart, or Ben in the film, is a high school security guard who has big dreams to become a police officer to impress his fiancé’s brother, who is also a police officer. Ben is a little in over his head when he is taken out for a day to get a real sense of what being a police officer is really like. Little does he know, his fiancé’s brother is playing a trick on him. But when things take a serious turn, they both have to respond quickly to take down a real criminal.


Of course there are many more movies to go see, but these are just a couple of options to help and spark interest. Mr. Peabody &Sherman, 12 Years a Slave, Pompeii, Gravity, and Non-Stop are some other choices in theaters now.


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