Archdiocese Morality Clause

Archdiocese Morality Clause
By Olivia Wall


On Friday March 7, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati released their updated morality clause in the contract that all teachers must sign. Instead of all of the implied rules of the previous contract, the new one clearly states that teachers must refrain from anything that violates Catholic teaching. Teachers must sign the contract or else they may lose their job.  According to WLWT, the archdiocese is trying to rid people of any confusion over what is expected of their employees.

Although people who work in a Catholic setting are expected to live up to the teachings of the Church, there are many people unhappy with the new rules. Cassidy Steele, a senior student at Purcell Marian High School, an Archdiocese regulated school says, “I feel the new morality clause the Archdiocese is putting upon their teachers is condemning lifestyles and decisions that our society is just beginning to embrace. It’s unfair to teachers and staff members to always have to be looking over their shoulder in fear of losing their job. It’s almost as if the Archdiocese is saying you’re guilty by association. If you know and support someone whose lifestyle or choices don’t agree with the Church, you’re at risk and may not even be able to sign the contract.”

Even though Seton is a Catholic school, we are not under the Archdiocese’s jurisdiction. Seton is owned by the Sisters of Charity and therefore the teachers sign a separate contract and morality clause not as in depth as that of the Archdiocese. Seton High School Principal and CEO Donna Brigger says, “Our teachers view their jobs as ministries and teach according to the Catholic faith. Seton upholds all of the teachings of the Catholic Church and will continue to do so. The contract Seton High School uses specifically references the Catechism of the Catholic Church.” At the end of the day, the Archdiocese has made its decision and it is respectable from the perspective of the Catholic Church.

One thought on “Archdiocese Morality Clause”

  1. This clause is a farce and hypocritical. If the Archdiocese is serious about dictating morality, then they must go back over the past fifty years and judge all those who harmed children under the guise of the Church.

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