Creativity at Seton

Creativity at Seton

By Rachel Richter

Mr. Collins’s senior AP English class recently finished reading the novel, The Road, by Cormac McCarthy.  This novel, set in post-apocalyptic United States, is about a man and a boy traveling along a road and struggling to survive.  They struggle to find food, warmth, and shelter while simultaneously trying to avoid people who have resorted to cannibalism.

Collins’s student teacher, Ms. Samantha Buschle, has been working with these AP students with the study of this novel.  One of Buschle’s assignments for the class was to construct a creative expression piece that represented one of the themes of the novel.  This creative assignment was very open ended, and gave the students a lot of freedom.  Students enjoyed drawing pictures, forming collages, and even making cake for this assignment.  On Friday, March 7 the AP English students presented their creative expression pieces to the class.  Many of the student’s pieces were breathtaking, inspiring, and impressive.  Senior Sam Hissett says, “I loved being able to see everybody’s different styles of creativity! It helped me gain a new insight into the novel.”  This was a project that the class as a whole truly enjoyed, and it undoubtedly allowed for a better understanding of the novel.

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