Jets Competition Results

Jets Competition Results

By Taylor Morano


On Wednesday, March 5, Juniors Megan Awad, Ashley Grooms, Olivia Hess, Leigha Kraemer, Carly Niehauser, Phuang Phan, Carly Stagge, and Brooke Zentmeyer went to the Annual Jets Competition at the University of Cincinnati. This competition is UC’s way of celebrating National Engineers Week by hosting 600 high school students from around Ohio and Kentucky participate in the “Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science.”

Part one of the test was made up of 80 multiple choice questions. Part one consisted of eight different scenarios all revolving around civil engineering, which was the theme this year. Some scenarios included “the electrical grid” and “virtual reality in cities” where the problems involved a combination of physics, calculus, and chemistry. Next the team took part in an egg drop competition where the team built a device to hold an egg that would drop 30 feet without it breaking. Awad, Grooms, and Zentmeyer won a bronze plaque called the Leonardo Da Vinci Award for best demonstration of physics in their design. After the egg drop, the team then took part two of the test. This part of the test was free response and consisted of 5 essays including the previously stated scenarios Grooms says, “I had a lot of fun even though the questions were very challenging and I can’t wait to go back next year. We all think we will do a lot better.”

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