Journalism: A Dying Art or Is It Just Our Paper?

Journalism: A Dying Art or Is It Just Our Paper?

By Abby Rollinger


Over the course the present school year, The Seton Connection has slowly started to gain the same social status as Facebook. As someone who not only loves writing, but plans to major in journalism next year with aspirations of a future career in this field, the lack of hits the paper has gotten on our newly developed website is borderline devastating. Now I’m not saying that no one reads it; in fact the paper collectively has over 56,000 views. However, when you add up the amount of articles published and subtract the views of those who wrote them, divided by the number of days the website has been set up, the number of legitimate hits our paper has gotten is actually pretty low. To make matters worse, the current journalism staff only has one junior; a single student who now has to carry the newspaper’s increasingly heavy weight on her shoulders into the upcoming year alone. A lot of people are now wondering what this means for the paper’s future. A better question might be, “What can we do to make The Seton Connection’s future a bright one?”

The Seton Connection is first and foremost a newspaper. As of now, the majority of our articles revolve around future and past events at Seton, including everything from dances to sports. Although there is nothing wrong with covering such events, is that what you, the public, want to read? There are those who believe that the bulk of our articles should be written about normal, every-day events happening around the school because it is felt that that is what you want to read. However, not everybody feels that way- including myself. I feel as if the paper should open up to a broader range of topics extending beyond Seton. Whether it is a girly piece on the latest fashion craze or a feature outlining the latest political scandal, it is my opinion that the paper should be host to a variety of different topics instead of constantly putting into print events that you not only have extensive knowledge of, but potentially experienced for yourself. Granted, our staff does cover happenings outside of Seton, but not as much as I feel we should. Ultimately, though, it is not my opinion that matters, but yours.

For too long we’ve been writing what we think is best, when we really should have been trying to cater to the opinions of our readers. Producing weekly articles would be a lot more fulfilling if we felt as if our hard work was being read. So, I ask you: the student, teacher, family member, and friend, what do you want to read? What can I, along with the entire journalism staff, do to appease your interests and make the school’s paper a success? Saints, what kind of paper would you like to possibly be a part of one day? Help us revive The Seton Connection before it falls into the same standings as that of MySpace or Nicolas Cage; when it’s really too late.

2 thoughts on “Journalism: A Dying Art or Is It Just Our Paper?”

  1. Thanks for posing this question Abby! I am a parent( Marcy and Rose Driehaus) who reads your paper online and although you are all very talented writers, I find the lack of real world articles in your paper to be inconsistent with your mission statement at SEton, that is ” To prepare young women for the world in which they are to live” By not giving more attention to happenings in the neighborhood, political discourse and current events, Seton is sheltering its students and readers and not realistically providing discourse and discussion for what is really happening out in the world. It is nice to know about track meets and cupcake sales, but if you look at other Catholic high school newspapers, they go quite a bit further with what is really going on in the world. Please Seton connection, help fulfill the mission of the school by writing about more substantial matters.

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