March Bandness Recap

March Bandness Recap

By Molly Brauch



On Friday, March 7, a crowd of well over two hundred people gathered at The Underground, a nonprofit concert venue, to watch Victoria Hancock’s Senior Project come to life. The concert, March Bandness, was an overwhelming success. Whether crowding the stage or relaxing on the upper level, the fans in attendance enjoyed the six bands as they gave the show their all. The first band that played was Flipside, which was also featured as the last act of the Seton-Elder Talent Show on February 27. Following was the rowdy group The Skyline Social. After that, fans got to enjoy The Weekend Classic and Setback. Northbound played a pretty amazing set, too. In addition, the headlining band, BoyMeetsWorld, amazed the crowd with their energy and bold songs. Fans and bands alike had a fantastic time at Hancock’s show. “It was a really amazing night,” commented Setback guitarist Austin Simon. “All the bands played their hearts out and gave it their all.” BoyMeetsWorld drummer Ryan Sulken agreed, saying, “I had a blast!” The most impressive part of the night by far, however, was how easily and seamlessly the bands blended together. The setup and teardown times for each band were small, and all the events of the night ran without a hitch. This seemingly effortless concert was perfected thanks to Hancock’s hard work. After the show, Sulken raved, “The show was very well organized and flowed smoothly throughout the night. Victoria, you rule!” Those in attendance couldn’t have said it any better. Way to go, Victoria!

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