StongHer Club Brightens Up the Bathrooms

StongHer Club Brightens Up the Bathrooms

By Ally Kampel



On Monday, March 10, the StrongHer club decorated bathroom mirrors around the school with positive and, uplifting messages.   The members of StrongHer painted mirrors with little messages such as, “be confident,” “beYOUtiful,” “smile today,” and “Ways to have a lovely day.”   StrongHer strives to empower, strengthen self-esteem, and promote individuality among all girls. StrongHer often does activities like this one, such as “mirror less Mondays,” where a piece of paper is hung on all mirrors in the school to encourage girls that they are beautiful no matter how they look, post -it note Tuesdays where students receive a positive post-it note on their desk, and positivity week, where there is a week filled with activities and videos to promote empowerment to the school.

Treasurer of the club, Hannah Fricke, responds to the positive reactions, saying, “It was awesome seeing all the girls’ reactions when they saw the messages on the mirrors. It was a fun way to put a smile on their faces and make their day a little brighter.”  Students who decorated the mirrors feel very accomplished making students smile.  Junior, Haley Sonaugle says, “It was a great time getting to decorate the bathroom and seeing how the students reacted.”  She continues, “Seeing how the mirrors really brightened their day made me really happy!”  Many students really enjoyed seeing the fun mirrors and made many smile.  Junior, Gab Kraemer, says, “I thought it was very inspirational and it made me feel better about myself; seeing the cute little quotes on the mirrors made me laugh and made my day better.”

The StrongHer club continues to build confidence and self-esteem in girls.  There is a meeting every Monday after school in room 114 until 3:20.  There are snacks every week and the club plans different activities, like decorating mirrors, all to empower girls.  It is never too late to join!

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