Students Ball On the Faculty

Students Ball On the Faculty

By Molly Kraisinger

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Photo Credit: Loretta Blaut

Senior Brooke Schleben, a member of the varsity basketball team, proposed her team play one last game.  She suggested that a 3:00 on Thursday, March 6 the varsity basketball team to take on members of the Seton faculty. Before the game Senior Loretta Blaut said, “We’re just going to try to have fun and be a team and work together.” Senior McKenzie Downey added, “It is fun to be able to play one last game together.”   The faculty seemed to have a more cautious approach to the game, “The main goal is to not get hurt or any of us come out with any major injuries,” laughed freshman science teacher, Ann Jett.  Assistant principal, Anna Downey chimed in, “Let the March madness begin.”

The varsity basketball team met in their home gym warming up for the game of the season. The staff’s side of the court seemed a little rusty.  Their warm up included lots of air balls and stiff shots. When warm ups came to a close and the teams gathered into their huddles on the sidelines. The staff side shouted, “Teachers rule!” while the student team screamed, “Saints on three!” Both teams sent five players onto the court at three o’clock. The tip off began with Blaut versus help desk support Mathew McKinney. McKinney won the tip off, sending the ball straight back to his technology coworker Keith Schaeper. Once Schaeper had the ball, he dribbled down the court then passed it to Mary Agricola, who was the referee.  Agricola was wearing the same color t-shirt as the staff, so he thought she was playing. After that, the referees wore a striped shirt for the rest of the game. The staff scored the first point with five minutes left in the quarter.  Senior Brooke Schleben scored a basket right after.  Religion teacher, Al Kovacic really showed off his ball handling skills with between the legs and behind the back passes. Overall the teachers seemed a little winded subbing almost all their players after the first two minutes, breathing heavily as they hit the bench.

With three minutes left in the first quarter, help desk support Keegan McCarthy threw up an underhand shot landing the faculty by two points.  Jett subbed in, distracting the students with her knee high green and white stripped socks. The first foul was given to McKinney who hit senior Tori Scholl on her way up for a shot. Kovacic screamed from the sidelines, “That was on the floor reff!” The staff held the lead at the end of the first quarter at 11-7.

While on the short break after the first quarter, Spanish teacher, Mary Beth Corey led the staff cheering section with the wigglo cheer. The students felt they had to rebuttal and show the teachers how it’s really done. Seniors Allyssa Lyons and Sam Goodwin got the students rallied up with peel banana cheer.  The second quarter began and Mr. Collins ran right down the lane and leaped for a layup, almost looking as if he was flying and would never stop. When asked about this leap, he replied, “Its inertia baby.” But the faculty wasn’t going to have the lead for long.  The students came back strong leading with 14-13. Blaut’s first block of the game sent Agricola’s shot out of bounds. For the first time in the game we saw more than a teacher student competition, we saw a mother daughter competition. Downey guarded her daughter, senior McKenzie Downey, as she dribbled down the court. Downey was glad to guard her daughter rough, and may have given her other teammates the okay to do so as well, for McKinney knocked down Downey multiple times not letting her get up for several seconds. She had to sub out of the game and ran by saying, “I’m getting a Band-Aid I’m bleeding.” Schaper made it look so easy throwing in several layups as the first half of the game came to an end. The faculty wasn’t the only ones getting worn out from the game, Schleben said, “I’m feeling out of shape,” as she went to get more water. The second quarter ended with teams neck and neck at 20 to 21, the faculty still leading.

Half time rolled around, both teams looking a little tired. The teams switched sides. English teacher, Tom Kellerman found a great tactic by screaming at his opponent when they tried to shoot, which really threw them off their game. Faculty hit several layups but the students were on a roll, hitting threes and passing the ball very quickly dizzying the faculty.  The score was 35 to 31 at the end of the third quarter, the students in the lead.

The fourth quarter started out and both teams determined to win. The most competitive of the teachers, Health and P.E teacher Mary Ritter said, “We will not lose!” to her teammates and, “Quit your whining.” Social Studies teacher Jay Villing decided to take his referee duties seriously, calling a five seconds lane violation, over the back and a shot foul within the first minute and a half, all against the student team. Was he trying to get his team to a win? Luebbering shouted, “Cheaters never prosper!” When asked what his tactics were, Villing responded, “To call a clean and even game. Oh, and to make sure the green team [faculty] wins.”

The score was tied 35 to 35 with 3.5 minutes remaining. The teams continued to score neck and neck, with a tied score of 42 to 42. The students’ teams called a timeout with 14 seconds remaining in the game. When the students passed the ball in bounds, the faculty quickly gained control of the ball with 11 seconds left. The faculty then called a full time out to get a plan together to win. Their plan was unsuccessful and neither team could pull off a win, having a tie of 42 to 42.

Both teams were worn out of playing basketball. Instead of going into overtime, they decided to play knockout as a tie breaker. Everyone from both teams was to play. It didn’t last very long, and they decided to do a 3 minute overtime game. Tori Scholl sunk a 3 to get them in the lead. The teacher’s had the ball and the opportunity to come back. But the saints took the ball and Halie Daugherty for a layup. The ending score was 47 to 42.


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