The Classics Fair

The Classics Fair

By Molly Brauch

Photo courtesy of Abbie Hahn


On Wednesday, January 29, the Seton Latin Club held its 29th Annual Classics Fair in Seton’s library. Every year, Latin students spend months crafting projects on different aspects of Roman life. This year, projects ranged from “Roman Water Filtration and the Cincinnati Water Supply” to “The Nine Muses” and every imaginable topic in between. As in years past, members of the Seton staff served as judges to the projects, grading on such criteria as imaginative approach, knowledge gained, and evidence of effort. Ribbons were awarded to the students based on the total points they accumulated in each category. Recipients of the maxima cum laude awards and silver ribbons were freshmen Mikki Thai and Hannah Schwaeble, sophomores Katie Tope, Maureen O’Brien, and Katie Drinkuth, and junior Krista Murphy. The ten students who were awarded gold ribbons and the summa cum laude awards were freshmen Sara Neumeister, Audrey Laiveling, and Emma Bruggeman, sophomores Rachel Sebastian and  Abbie Hahn, junior Phuong Phan, and seniors Charity Jamison, Sam Hissett, Ally Cox, and Molly Brauch. “I love participating in the Classics Fair,” said club vice president and Latin III student Phuong Phan, “Every project is a new opportunity to learn!” Along with the participating students, Latin teacher Sister Mary Dolores Schneider was thrilled with the outcome of the Fair. During the Latin III and IV class period, she remarked happily, “This Classics Fair was the best one we’ve had in years.”

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