Timeflies Captures Students’ Hearts

Timeflies Captures Students’ Hearts

By Alyssa Lyons


Music is all the rage here at Seton High School, especially MTV’s Cal and Rez from Timeflies Tuesday. Timeflies is known for remixing hip-hop and top 100 music, as well as coming up with their own music.

Rob Resnick “Rez” and vocalist Cal Shapiro “Cal,” met at Tufts University during a college party where Cal freestyled over Rez’s beat boxing. Offering elements of pop, electro, dub step and rock, the pair released their debut album The Scotch Tape in September 2011. The album features hit remix of the 1976 song “Wayward Son” by Kansas. Timeflies has been featured on MTV, but also has made appearances in Cincinnati -the duo performed on Fountain Square and at Bogarts .

Making an impact worldwide, Timeflies is sweeping the hearts of many Seton students. Senior Rachel Hobbs describes them as “beautiful.” Their creative spin on many popular songs keep listeners entertained. Hobbs keeps coming back to them because, they always put out new songs. “I always look forward to see what song they are going to remix next because their versions are always better,” Said Hobbs.

Timeflies is currently on a national tour titled, All the Way. Hobbs is planning on catching one of the band’s shows in Adrian, Michigan on Saturday, April 22. She said, “I’m really excited because their last concert Bogart’s was awesome!” If you would like more information about Timeflies Tuesday visit timefliesmusic.com.

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