We Love You Mr. Collins!

We Love You Mr. Collins!

By Rachel Richter


One of the most well-known teachers at Seton High School, Mr. Gary Collins is famous for his booming voice, constructive criticism, and his insight into popular television shows.  Although he is one of the best English teachers one could ever have, he is much more than that.  Mr. Collins does so much for his students, the school, and for the sake of learning.  I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to thanking him for all he has done!

Mr. Collins, thank you for engaging your students.

Your students look forward to your class on a daily basis!  Anyone who has ever had you would agree that they have never been bored in one of your classes.  You never fail to engage your students, make class interesting, and get your points across in a compelling way.  In your classes, you present your students with opportunities for leadership and you treat us like adults.  You have great expectations for your students, forcing us to push ourselves and try our hardest.

Thank you for appreciating hard work.

I really appreciate the fact that you notice and reward hard work.  In your classes, you are aware when students have worked hard and have a big picture understanding.  Your students feel a healthy pressure to display their knowledge in papers, projects, and presentations in a way that you will understand and enjoy.

Thank you for forcing your students to think for themselves.

Through your untraditional style of teaching, you allow your students to think for themselves, take initiative, and become leaders in the classroom.  At the same time, you make it clear to your students that you are always available to offer additional help and assistance.  You take the time to meet with students both before and after school on a daily basis.  You selflessly commit a great deal of your time and energy to the purpose of learning, and I know your students really appreciate it.  Your commitment to Seton has had a great impact on many students, including myself.

Thank you for teaching with enthusiasm.

Your enthusiasm for teaching and learning is contagious!  Your genuine love for the works that you teach allows your students to similarly enjoy the material.  I truly love learning in your class because you make the learning interesting.  The way that you talk about works of literature with such insight and enthusiasm inspires me.  I especially love how you incorporate modern television and movies into your lessons.  Because of your enthusiasm, I can say that I incorporate what I have learned from you into my life on a daily basis!  I find myself thinking about English outside of English class, and that proves to me how great of a teacher you are.  When watching television and movies, I cannot help but to analyze the literary aspects present.  Without even noticing, my friends and classmates talk about what we are learning in English and relate it to the modern world in our everyday conversations!

Thank you for everything that you do at Seton High School!  The students truly appreciate your dedication:

“Mr. Collins is one of those teachers who really enjoys the subject he is teaching about. He always has some interesting insight about the books or the material that we are learning and actually cares about our interpretations of them. He also treats his students like adults (which can be a good or a bad thing depending on how responsible you are) and he tells you like it is, so you know that whatever he’s telling you is his real opinion. I’ve had Mr. Collins for two years and I have learned so much more about not only English class, but also about hiking, biking, mountain climbing, golf, and a little bit about life as well.”

–Senior Lexi Neltner

“Thank you for all you do for your students, the teachers, and Seton.  You are a really good English teacher and I am thankful to have had you for my senior year.”

–Senior Julia Kohler

“I’ll start by saying that even though I have never had Mr. Collins as an English teacher, I have gotten to know him pretty well over the past four years. I mostly know him from attending mission trips to Liberty Kentucky. His outgoing personality and sense of humor really make the trips fun, especially all the inside jokes our group comes back with. It is safe to say the trip isn’t the same without him. Back at Seton he can be heard throughout the halls with his distinctively loud voice and he also supports Seton athletics by attending games which, coming from a student athlete myself, means a lot to see him up in the stands. Mr. Collins is a fun person to be around and has taught his students a lot more than just English.”

–Senior Loretta Blaut

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