We Love You Mr. Villing!

We Love You Mr. Villing!

By Rachel Richter


Mr. Villing is one of the most genuine, down-to-earth, funny, and compassionate people you will ever meet!  Not only is he a great teacher, but he is a wonderful person as well!  With a heart of gold and a laugh that fills the room, Mr. Villing will never fail to make your day!  It has been a privilege to have Mr. Villing as a teacher.  We are lucky to have him here at Seton High School.

Something that I have noticed about Mr. Villing is his genuine care and concern for his students.  He truly cares about the students at Seton, and his kindness is something that has left a lasting impression on my heart.  He will notice when a student is struggling or having a bad time, and will thereupon ask how she is doing.  If he feels like a student is not acting like herself, he will take the time to pull her off to the side just to see if she is alright. There is something truly special when a teacher acknowledges and cares about the human within the students.  If you are looking for the heart and soul of Seton High School, you can find it in Mr. Villing!

I have always thought of Mr. Villing as a fatherly figure.  By the way he talks about his kids, it is easy for one to tell that he is a great father.  I believe that he similarly takes on this role for his students.  He wants us to learn, pushes us to be our best, is proud of our accomplishments, and is disappointed by mediocrity.  He knows his students as individuals and he cares for us as if we were his own daughters.

We can easily come to him with anything we need.  Mr. Villing emphasizes the fact that he is always willing to offer additional assistance and help to students.  He takes time both before and after school to work one-on-one with students when needed, and he will go to great lengths to ensure the growth and development of knowledge.  I remember when I was a junior and he lent me some of his AP American History study books to aid in my learning of the subject matter.  It is little things like this that we appreciate as students.

When many of you think of Mr. Villing, you may think of the crazy nickname he has given you.  Mr. Villing is well known for calling people by fun nicknames, and this is something that enhances his friendly and fun-loving nature.  By calling students by individualized nicknames, he makes every student feel special in their own way.  When I was only a freshman, I knew Mr. Villing from seeing him in the halls and cafeteria.  Although I did not yet have him as a teacher, he still made a point to get to know me.  It made me feel so special when he would speak to me, and I was always so surprised that he remembered my name!  The fact that he makes an effort to make every student at Seton feel welcomed – not just the ones in his classes – says a lot about his character.

Additionally, there are many memorable elements incorporated into Mr. Villing’s daily class routine.  I think it is really great that he starts off every class with prayer, reminding us daily of the value of our Catholic education.  When giving intentions for prayer, Mr. Villing never fails to offer a long list of things up to the Lord.  He prays for guidance, which shows his humbleness.  He prays for other people, which shows his selflessness.  And he also says prayers of gratitude.  Mr. Villing’s relationship with God is inspiring.  He makes me want to be a better person.

In addition to all of his admirable personality traits, he is also an exceptional teacher.  Mr. Villing’s teaching style couldn’t be any better!  He does a great job at preparing his students for their AP tests, and his students’ scores prove it!  Not only does he keep his classes on an organized pre-planned schedule, but he also incorporates group work, class activities, and practice tests and essays.  Mr. Villing pushes students beyond their comfort zones by holding regular debates and in-class speaking assignments.  I have never personally retained information better than I did in his classes, and this is because of his outstanding teaching style.

The students at Seton adore Mr. Villing:

“Mr. Villing has not only pushed me to do my best, but he pushes all of his students to the best of their abilities. He is always there if we have questions or are having problems in class. He makes class fun and engaging and allows us to think about things through different perspectives. I believe that Mr. Villing is a GREAT teacher and I am VERY happy to have him as a teacher.”

–Senior Hannah Nartker


“Mr. Villing is seriously one of the funniest teachers I’ve ever had and he really makes classes fun! Every day he gives us a quote that either makes us laugh or think, he’s showed us awesome songs that relate to the material which I think is really cool, we roll die every day, etc. He’ll always find a way to put his own mark on the class. But that’s not all Mr. Villing does that is amazing, he really pushes us to reach our goals. I know I sometimes question why we have quizzes every day for my class, but he does that so we can succeed. Since I can now recall most everything from the first half of American History I’m pretty sure the method works! With the high standards he puts us to, he did help me and I’m very confident going into my APUSH exam. I’d really like to thank him for that! Also Mr. Villing is such a great role model because he’s always positive and thankful.”

–Junior Olivia Hess


“Mr. Villing is a super fun teacher who obviously is very into the subjects that he teaches.  He brings the enthusiasm even when everyone else is worn out.  I would like to thank him for being able to put up with our senior class the past two years.  I also really enjoy his impression of Gru from Despicable Me.  (If you see him in the hallway, you should ask him to do it for you!)”

–Senior Catherine Tuttle

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