We Love You Mrs. Linz!

We Love You Mrs. Linz!

By Rachel Richter


In many ways, Mrs. Linz is the motherly figure of Seton High School.  She looks after us, keeps our priorities straight, and makes us better on a daily basis.  Seton’s faith and love is rooted in Mrs. Linz, and for that she deserves all the recognition and praise in the world.

For the amount of work Mrs. Linz does for Seton High School, she does not get enough credit!  She is the woman behind it all.  Every religions event – including Campus Ministry, organized liturgies, retreats, days of reflection, prayer services, morning prayers, and much more – involves the work of Mrs. Linz.  Although you may have never guessed it by her humble nature, it’s true!  Mrs. Linz has accomplished more than we know.

One of her greatest qualities is her genuine love.  Mrs. Linz does so much for Seton because she loves what she does and she loves the Seton community.  You will never hear her complain because her love is so strong!  She truly cares about each and every student at Seton High School, and she assists in making each individual’s spiritual journey unique.  Without Mrs. Linz, faith at Seton would not be the same.

Mrs. Linz is a true hero.  All the things she does, both large and small gestures, have an impact on Seton High School.  She is inspiring, uplifting, informative, and supportive.  If I can accomplish half as much of what Mrs. Linz has, I will be happy!  She has impacted so many lives and I believe that that makes her a hero.

The students at Seton adore Mrs. Linz:

“Throughout my high school career here at Seton I have been able to grow a lot stronger in my faith, but I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without the women behind all things campus ministry, Jan Linz. Without Jan we would not have all of our organized liturgies, days of reflection, prayer services, morning prayers, and so much more. Within the past four years I have been able to get to know Jan on a personal level. I was blessed to have been on the Kairos 58 team with her and she was also my chaperone on NCYC my sophomore and senior years. She has pushed me to my best and constantly reminds me to keep my head up and have a little faith. Seton has blessed me with so many awesome things but one thing I will never forget is the people like Jan Linz. I can’t wait to come back after we have graduated and visit all the influential people here at Seton, I honestly don’t know how I am going to survive college without them! So thank you Jan for being a great role model for not only myself but everyone here at Seton!”

–Senior Katelyn Walter

“Mrs. Linz has shown me an example of God’s love through her actions in Campus Ministry and within the Seton Community.”

–Junior Maria Torok

“I think it’s important, especially to attend to a Catholic School, but also to have people that have come into your life to help you on your journey to finding your faith. Mrs. Linz has put so much time and effort into supporting students on their faith journey at Seton. Mrs. Linz has impacted my life in so many ways all ranging into confidence, spiritual growth, and relationships. I can honestly say there are many people on Seton’s staff that truly care about who you are and take the time to really listen and get to know your personality, for me one of those people has been Mrs. Linz. If I could say anything it is that she truly changed my faith and continues to be an inspiration at Seton High School. She truly lives out her faith. I want to thank her for the opportunity that she has provided for me through Campus Ministry, because without her our Club would be nothing.  She holds us together. She also is the heart behind every morning prayer, every prayer service, every mass, and every day of reflection. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have had the experience of community ministry she has provided for me!”

–Senior Alyssa Lyons

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