Blessing Baskets- Sommer Black’s Senior Project

Blessing Baskets- Sommer Black’s Senior Project

By Sydney Schultz


Each year at Seton, seniors are required to complete a yearlong project. These projects can be anything that the student wishes to pursue, but must consist of writing a letter of intent, a research paper, and a series of journal entries in addition to partnering with a mentor and doing field work for the project.  On Friday, May 16, the seniors will present to three judges who will judge and rate their senior project.

Senior Sommer Black has delved into making an effort to help young teen mothers. She wanted to help young mothers that don’t always get the help that they need. Being a teen mom and having a baby isn’t necessarily accepted in society even though it is becoming more common. Black said, “My main goal is to be able to talk to young girls that are in this situation and to let them know they are not alone.”

Black has committed to helping teen moms financially by creating “blessing baskets” that are filled with necessary items that every new baby needs. She has also partnered with a program called Every Child Succeeds, which is a program that supports expecting teenage moms and young moms in the Cincinnati area. Every Child Succeeds offers young women home visits which take place from pregnancy to the child’s third birthday to ensure that the children have a healthy environment and can grow with love and care. According to Every Child Succeeds Website, the program was made possible by the support of private donors and public funds and was founded in 1999 by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati-Hamilton County Community Action Agency and the United Way of Greater Cincinnati. Since then, Every Child Succeeds has provided over 425,000 home visits, serving over 19,000 children.

Black’s passion and dedication towards helping young women has moved her to create a website where others can donate money towards making the blessing baskets. All the money that is raised will be used to buy items such as diapers, wipes, formula, toys, bottles, and other handmade crochet items such as hats and blankets. All of the blessing baskets made will be donated to Every Child Succeeds, and has made ten so far.

“I am working hard to make a difference in my community and to provide help for those who need it. Over the course of the school year, I want to help at least fifty new moms, even if it’s just doing something small,” said Black.

If you are interested in donating money towards the blessing baskets, you can donate here at the following link: Any amount is helpful. If you have other questions, you can email


Photo Credit to Sommer Black

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