Finding God in All things Assembly

Finding God in All things Assembly

By Kaylie Brown


On Thursday, March 20, the Seton students and staff gathered in the auditorium for a spiritual Lenten talk given by Seton’s very own Mr. Scott Brauch and Rev. Patrick S.J Fairbanks from St. Xavier Church downtown. Brauch and Fairbanks met in the 70s at (Fort Scott?) as counselors, and then came together at Seton to give their individual talks about where they see God, whether it be through signs,  scripture, family, or sacraments.

Rev. Fairbanks started the presentation and showed a Power Point filled with pictures and talked about three things in which we see God : family and friends, sacred scripture, and sacraments. Rev. Fairbanks reflected on many stories and even read his favorite Bible verse He read Matthew  7:7,  “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. “He recommended the verse to all of the students and told them to share  it with someone

when they are feeling down and lost.

Mr. Brauch had a slightly different approach to the Lenten talk. He talked about how he sees God through many different signs, and how his winning The Price is Right had a little to do with his exceptional math skills. Brauch shared that the day he attended the show there were many signs that God gave him, and he had a special feeling inside that something was going to happen. Brauch then went on to win the double-showcase and he knew God had done it for him.

The talks led students to see God more in their everyday lives. They were given “homework”  to turn off all electronics and be in quiet before they go to bed and think of what God  had blessed them with that day. Students had positive feedback on the talks as well.  Sophomore Mackenzie Dugan said, “I liked the talks a lot and it helped me think of where I see God. I was also surprised to hear about how Mr. Brauch was seeing signs the day he won The Price Is Right because I never knew that before.”

Overall, the talks were meant to bring the students closer to God and seeing Him in all things in addition to allowing everyone in the auditorium to take a step back and see God in different ways.


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