How to: PROM

How to: PROM

By Kelly Gallagher


Prom is just around the corner for Seton, a short five weeks from today. This means many frantic girls are searching for their perfect dress, date to take, or making dinner reservations. The first step to having a memorable prom may be finding the perfect date to take. Asking someone to prom takes a good amount of brainstorming and creativity. It can be as simple as writing a note asking that certain someone to be your date or surprising him at their sporting events, home, or decorating his car. Steps to make the perfect way to ask include, being confident, secretive, and having fun with it! Being confident will show your soon to be prom date how excited you are to go with him and it’ll show how much it means to you. Although keeping secrets are not always the best policy, for prom’s sake it might come in handy. Many people get so excited about prom that a plan to ask the perfect date may get revealed, so try to keep prom plans to yourself. That way, everything is guaranteed to work out smoothly! Having fun with it is the most important thing. The best thing to do is not to stress out; you only get to ask a date to two proms in your whole life time, so take the time to enjoy it! However, as you can see, taking a prom date includes many stresses along with it so going solo is always an option.

Prom can be exhilarating but also one of the most hectic times of the year for a girl. Finding dresses can be up to a six month process, whether it’s shopping online or going to every mall in the tri state area to find that dream dress. Many popular shops in the well-known Kenwood Mall include Macys, ArdenB, and Dilliards. However, the Monroe Outlets located about an hour from downtown Cincinnati has many reasonably priced in style dresses from stores such as BCBG or Cache. Accessorizing and finding the perfect pair of shoes is the cherry on the top to a perfect outfit . Keep in mind of your prom date’s height and if you might be taller than him or not if you are going for those 6 inch stilettos. Also keep in mind of the color of the shoes. Sometimes bright colored shoes can bring out a pop in a neutral colored dress or else you may be over doing it if the dress is a bright color as well. In addition, if you are wearing a long dress, sometimes the shoes are not even seen so it wouldn’t hurt saving a little cash and wearing a pair that you have worn in the past.

Another part of prom planning is making dinner reservations. It is essential to making the night a memorable one. Many people also may have their group of friends over for a before party and eating a catered dinner in their house. Since the prom is at the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky, another alternative to dinner could be eating at many popular places including Deweys, Brios, and Mitchell’s Fish Market. Popular catered food includes LaRosas, Jersey Mikes Subs, and Chipotle. Remember to make reservations soon if you have not done so because restaurants will fill up with reservations before you know it.

Junior Ashley Grooms expressed her excitement for Seton’s prom saying “I have my dress and everything picked out with it. My boyfriend and I are very excited to dance and have a good time. I cannot believe I am already going to prom, time has gone so fast.”

Prom will be a magical memory for many by the end of the night. Although all of the preparations leading up to it may seem stressful and not worth it, the end of the night will always be one to remember.

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