Snow Days in the City

Snow Days in the City

By Monica Lepper


It is safe to safe, snow has struck Cincinnati hard this school year totaling up to around 44 inches. The weather has been so bad this year that even colleges have been called off, which is said to rarely happen according to Niche under the University of
Cincinnati. High schools in Cincinnati had their regular five calamity days to use and Seton had three extra calamity days built into their schedule. Amended Substitute House Bill 416 was approved by Governor Kasich which added an extra four snow days for some Ohio schools. Some schools were not so lucky; Oak Hills High Schools did not have any days built into their schedule. As a result, grades K-11 will have to go to school on June 5, 6, and 9 instead of having their last day of classes on June 4. Seton is fortunate to not have to make any of these days up. Ms. Mary Agricola says the reason we have extra snow days added in this year was because “Prior to this year they were cutting the calamity days and we were asked to build in days in case of snow. We were unsure of what we were going to do this year so we added three extra days in our schedule that could be used as snow days.”

On a different note, snow days have been good and bad at the same time this year. Students have been able to spend more time relaxing, doing homework, preparing for tests or just hanging out with friends or family. The snow days this year have given students a chance to have a longer weekend, break or even a break in the middle of the week. Christmas break for Seton students was an extra two whole days. Mr. Brauch seems to enjoy his snow days as well, he said “I love my snow days just like the students. It is hard to judge how the snow days affected my teaching because of the new schedule. Although it is hard to judge, according to where I was last year, my AP statistics class is a little ahead and my Algebra 1 and 2 classes is a little behind. I am glad for the snow days because without them the school year feels longer. Now only if I could get my daughter Molly to help me shovel the snow now, it would be perfect!”  On the downside of having so much accumulated snow this year, driving around became fairly difficult. Driving in the snow is a scary occurrence for many, especially new drivers. Whether the scare would be to get stuck in the snow, slide, or even crash, some individuals decided to spend their days in the comfort of their homes. After school one day there was a substantial amount of snow and ice on the ground and students had to drive home. Senior Taylor Morano was on her way home and while trying to stop at a stop sign, she almost slid right into it on Regina by Seton and Elder. In order for Morano to not hit the sign, she had to turn into someone’s front yard. Morano said “It was so scary, I didn’t want to continue driving after this, I waited for my dad to come pick me up.”

Even though a lot of good has come from these snow days, it is probably safe to say Cincinnatians are hoping that the snow is gone for good and that warmer climates are going to continue rising and will be here to stay. After all, the official start of spring was on Thursday, March 20.

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