Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

By Katie Lehan


This year, the Spanish department at Seton has decided to establish a Spanish Honors Society, the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Chapter of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, was officially established today.  It is a Society that recognizes high school students that are currently enrolled in a Spanish class that have maintained a minimum average of ninety-three for three semesters in a row or more during their time at Seton. According to Mary Beth Corey, Spanish teacher and world languages department chair, students will be receiving letters informing them of their eligibility to join the society next week.  Students that are interested in joining will need to fill out a brief application, and submit a portfolio with a piece made up of the following elements: best piece of classroom writing in Spanish; a personal statement to include interest in language, personal qualities, and examples of character, leadership, honesty, service, and cooperation.  Following the students’ acceptance into SHH, there will be an induction ceremony held sometime in April.  At the time of induction, there will be a ten dollar membership fee that will cover the five dollar national dues as well as the five dollar chapter dues.

In addition to maintaining a 93 GPA in Spanish students in the society must also maintain a B average over all.  Once a member, students will need to engage in an activity from each of the following categories: Academic Commitment, Community Commitment, and Global Commitment.   Academic Commitment is defined as currently being enrolled in a Spanish class and maintaining a B average overall.  Community commitment is defined as participating in things such as tutoring bilingual students, or tutoring at Holy Family, or participating in Spanish Club activities. Currently the Spanish Club holds an annual Easter Egg Hunt for the Price Hill community.  During the hunt, kids from all over the Price Hill area up to age ten are invited to come to the front lawn of Seton on April 5 to visit and get pictures with the Easter bunny.  Global Commitment can include the Guatemala mission trip or involvement in human rights awareness groups such as Saints for Life. Corey hopes to continue this service activity as part of the SHH to fulfill the community commitment.


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