Special Needs with Special Hearts

Special Needs with Special Hearts

By Taylor Morano


Senior Haley Daugherty wanted to do something that she has never done before for her senior project so she decided to work with children with disabilities. Daugherty says, “I knew I wanted to do this for my senior project from the beginning.” Daugherty’s mentor, special education teacher, Julie Tyahur, has been a huge help through it all. Tyahur allowed Daugherty to help her teach her class full of children with disabilities. Daugherty helped each of the students do things such as their homework, art projects, and walking them to their classes. By having the opportunity to do this Daugherty has developed and created a special relationship with each of the students in the classroom.  Daugherty says, “The experiences and bonds that I have made with these children are indescribable, they are all amazing and I enjoy being around them every second I can get.”

Daugherty has loved working with these children so much that she has also been helping out with different fundraisers with Krissy Groh from the Down syndrome association. One of the fundraisers included working the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday, March 15 for the Down Syndrome Association. At the parade Daugherty was able to walk in the parade and be a part of it. She is also volunteering and running the special needs dance here at Seton High School on Sunday, April 6 from 2-4 p.m. This dance is for children with Special Needs, but Seton students are also allowed to attend. Additional volunteers are always helpful. Senior Katelyn Walter will be the DJ for the dance for her senior project and Senior Megan Kelly has been teaching a class with special needs a dance that they will be performing there. Daugherty says, “Being around these children makes me so happy and I hope to continue helping out with the Down Syndrome Association.”

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