Students Return to Liberty

Students Return to Liberty

By Jessica Wuebbolt


Spring is in the air as Seton students head to Liberty, Kentucky for a mission trip. On Thursday, March 20, eleven students and three staff members will return to Liberty along with students from Mount Notre Dame Academy. Only students who had previously attended a mission trip to Liberty were qualified to participate. This will be Seton’s second spring trip and Seton’s fifth trip in the past two years.

Liberty is in rural Kentucky, home to many Amish and Mennonite families. Amish and Mennonites avoid technology by leading a simple lifestyle, making it a place for relaxation and experiencing a different kind of freedom in the community. Many students have enjoyed learning about this simple lifestyle. In the past two years, Seton students have also enjoyed getting to know the many diverse families and working out in the fields at the Lange’s farm. The Lange’s farm is an organic farm run by Jerome Lange who often amuses the girls with his many words of wisdom about his lessons of life. When students aren’t helping out at the Lange’s farm, students work at different homes throughout the community. Some jobs at other worksites include plowing, weeding, cleaning out barns, construction projects, picking vegetables, tending the crops, and interacting with the families.

Each day after the work day is finish, there is a fun group activity planned in the evening. This year there will be a side trip to the Bread of Life Café, which is a restaurant run by a local family. The girls have always enjoyed eating the delicious homemade food at the Bread of Life Café. Senior, Alyssa Lyons, Liberty Alumni, says, “The Bread of Life is always a place where everyone comes together in the beginning of the trip. Since the café is run by people in the community, it’s cool to get a glimpse of the community and eat amazing bread rolls.” In addition to eating delicious homemade food, there is also a cookout and games of volleyball played at night. On past trips to Liberty, there has been a hay ride, hiking trips, carving leather, scavenger hunts, talent shows, and enjoying music. Besides fun bonding activities, every night there is also group reflection and discussion. Discussion is usually about every one’s day and faith in action.

One of the main reasons girls go back to Liberty every year is to reconnect with the bonds they have made with the community and take time to relax from their hectic lives. Junior Kelsey Stock says, “I am so excited to return to Liberty and meet new people! It will be nice to escape from reality for a bit and be in a simple environment!”

Anyone can participate when the students go back to Liberty on Tuesday, June 17 this summer.

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