Water with Blessings

Water with Blessings

By Molly Brauch


This Lenten season, the Seton Latin Club is reaching out to a very unique mission. Water
With Blessings is a program centered on empowering women and providing clean water to the poor in foreign countries. The program is supported by the Sisters of Charity. Water With Blessings provides women in poor communities with easy to use water filtration systems. These simple systems provide much needed clean water to the communities in which they are placed. The water women, as the stewards of these systems are called, are required to share their clean water with three other families in the community. This system encourages other women to become water women, and gives the women power that they may not have had before. Latin teacher Sister Mary Dolores fully supports the program, and the Latin Club has decided to raise $600 for the mission. This money will be used to fund ten water women in different communities around the globe — gifting each with a filtration kit, training and clean water education. “This mission is exceedingly important to our global community,” stated Latin Club co-president Sam Hissett. “Empowering women is one of the main goals of this program, and as an all-girls’ school, it is right that Seton is involved.” Every student and faculty member can do his or her part by donating to the Water With Blessings buckets that can be found at both lunch bells.

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