Human Trafficking 101 Presentation

Human Trafficking 101 Presentation

By Katie Lehan


On Wednesday, March 26,  Tess Fox and MaryAnn O’Malloy from End Slavery Cincinnati came to Seton to give a forty minute Human Trafficking 101 presentation to the students and staff as a part of our Lenten Series and as a part of Sydney Schultz’s Senior Project.  The Anti-Human Trafficking Club Schultz created at Seton attended a conference at the American Red Cross on January 31 and listened to a variety of speakers in different sessions.  The club members agreed that the Human Trafficking presentation by Fox and Malloy at the conference was effective, and since one of Schultz’s goals was to bring a speaker in she asked the women if they were willing to present to the Seton community.  Schultz followed up by submitting an online training request on website.   According to Schultz, one of the only ways to stop human trafficking is to raise awareness by educating others about it.


Schultz says that she brings the service opportunities and field work she participates in to her club members, as well as other personal experiences she has been through as part of her project.  At her club meetings she is collaborating and discussing about the worldly issue of human trafficking with others, and she is learning things from her members in addition to giving them information she has gained.  Schultz believes that her club has been a big success and therefore she wants to relay everything she has learned to the rest of the students at Seton so they become aware of the things happening around them.  Reflecting on her Senior Project so far, Schultz said, “Although I started this for my Senior Project, it’s not something I will forget about or stop advocating once I graduate.  This is more than a project to me; it is a lifelong dedication of service and something that I am very passionate about.”  She continues on to say, “My hope is that people will grasp and understand the severity of [human trafficking] and will use the presentation as an initiative to do something about the issue.”


The presentation on Wednesday covered the basic facts one needs to know about human trafficking.  The women also went into more detail about trafficking in Ohio and how one can get involved to help stop this worldwide epidemic.  In addition, Fox and Malloy focused on the two types of trafficking: labor trafficking and sex trafficking, sharing who the traffickers, buyers and victims are of the business.  By the end of the presentation, the goal was that the students and staff at Seton would be able to explain what human trafficking is, talk about how trafficking occurs in Ohio, identify the sign of human trafficking, understand supply and demand, understand a victims mindset and needs, and to recognize the ways to fight human trafficking and how you can get involved.  Senior Nicole Ruffing commented on the presentation and said, “I thought the presentation was very informative and a great way to spread the word about the human trafficking that goes on right in front of our eyes.  So many people, including me, are uninformed of how to spot trafficking situations but after the presentation I now have a better idea how to.”

Photo Credit to Nicole Ruffing*

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