Mr. Wurzelbacher: SUPERMAN!

Mr. Wurzelbacher: SUPERMAN!

By Sydney Schultz





Seton’s very own religion teacher, Mr. Don Wurzelbacher, is a diehard Superman fan. Ever since the first Superman movie came out in 1978, Wurzelbacher has been a huge fanatic. His love for Superman grew so much over the years that he decided to start a Superman collection. Wurzelbacher said, “I didn’t start collecting things right away, but one day my dad came home from work and gave me a Superman button. That’s the first thing I ever got, and I was in high school then, and ever since I started my own collection.” From then on, his collection started gaining more and more items and began to grow, especially after he moved out of his house and began his own life. “Once I got married,” he states, “that’s when my collection became really big, and it still continues to grow.”

Something unique about Wurzelbacher is that he remodeled his basement in his home to become a mini museum full of the Superman items he had collected over time. Wurzelbacher says, “Whenever people come over, they love to go downstairs and they just get so excited about it because they have never seen anything like that before.” He is proud of collecting and creating his Superman basement, which overflows with the items he collected, reflecting many old memories and stories of where the items came from and his true love for Superman.

The Superman basement has become very popular and received publicity. It has been written about in the Cincinnati Enquirer and has been on television. In addition, Wurzelbacher made his own Superman movie in high school along with eight others, and he starred as Superman in it. “It was a lot of fun,” he said, “we went all around Cincinnati doing things in Superman costumes.” The movie was about forty-five minutes long and was made on super 8 film by Wurzelbacher. It also was shown on the news and was in the newspaper.

Wurzelbacher’s collection doesn’t just end at his house, though. He also brings many of his new items and duplicate items to his classroom at Seton. In his classroom, it isn’t hard to miss any of the pictures of Superman, small figures, or the life size cut out of Superman lurking in the back of the classroom. Everywhere you look, Superman is there, and students love this.

Wurzelbacher is the only one in his family who collects Superman items, but his family supports him one hundred percent. His wife, Peggy, has been one of his biggest supporters in collecting Superman items. “As long as we can pay the bills, she’s fine with me continuing to collect these Superman items,” said Wurzelbacher. “I think it’s fun and awesome, and I will definitely keep collecting in the future!”


Photo credit to Mr. Don Wurzelbacher *

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