Fourth Quarter Body Blues

Fourth Quarter Body Blues

By Olivia Wall


As fourth quarter is just beginning many upperclassman are starting to fret over the upcoming prom season and the looming senior trip or summer vacation. Almost all magazine covers feature something about “achieving that bikini body” and department stores showcase their tannest, skinniest models rocking the glitzy prom dresses. So where does that leave our beautiful Seton sissies because we all know those pictures we see in the magazines and online are photo shopped, airbrushed, tweaked, and changed in every way imaginable.

Seton senior Cayla Schmitt says, “I think prom and senior trip are both things people look forward to, but we shouldn’t stress over our appearances to ’prepare’ for these events.”

In preparation for prom and senior trip many girls dive head first into dieting and workout routines as well as hit the tanning beds, becoming obsessed with the thought of looking perfect. As many of us know, tanning beds are extremely harmful and cause skin diseases such as Melanoma. There have been numerous efforts nationwide to try to decrease tanning bed usage through viral videos, classroom lessons, or even laws, yet girls still insist on bronzing up before the big dance. According to the American Cancer Society “people who had ever used an indoor tanning device were about 75% more likely to have developed melanoma”.So to all of our Seton sisters, embrace the pale or consider getting a spray tan because, let’s be real, your health is way more important than how you looked on prom night.

When asked about her thoughts on vacationing and the overwhelming urge for one to gain their “bikini body,” senior Marcy Driehaus said, “Bikini Bodies don’t exist. If you want a bikini body then all you have to do is one simple thing: put a bikini on your body. That’s all it takes.” Girls shouldn’t feel the need to obsess over having a perfect body. What girls need to do today is to feel comfortable in their own skin and wear what they want to wear, not what someone tells them they should or shouldn’t.

Fourth quarter is supposed to be about happiness and fun. These few months are some students’ last at Seton and they should be spent enjoying the time left, not stressing and worrying about appearances. Prom and trips to the beach are meant to be enjoyed and looked forward to and talked about, but students should worry a little less and use more time to get excited about it.


One thought on “Fourth Quarter Body Blues”

  1. “Fourth quarter is supposed to be about happiness and fun.”

    Who said this? Shouldn’t every quarter be about happiness and fun? Where should the happiness and fun come from in school?

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