Freshman Dance is a Success

Freshman Dance is a Success

By Monica Lepper

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There is a first time for everything, and on Friday, March 21 for 93 freshmen, it was their first high school dance, only 24 freshmen chose not to attend. As an overall comment on the dance, Mrs. Courtney Gilday said “I think overall the dance went very well. Student council worked really hard on making decorations and preparing a dance that would be fun for the whole class. Everyone had a great time.” The class of 2012 was the first class to ever have a freshman dance; before that, freshmen had to wait until their sophomore year to attend a Seton high school dance. The dance´s theme was Las Vegas the cafeteria was decorated with Las Vegas signs and playing cards.  The attendees received novelty eyeglasses with playing cards on them.   It started at eight and ended at eleven. The cost was 10 dollars if you went by yourself and 15 if you brought a date. Was the five extra dollars’ worth it, one might ask? Freshman Megan Ruffing thinks so. Ruffing said, “I thought my first dance at Seton was a very fun-filled time and I was glad to have shared it with my friends. Bringing a date made the night great, but some of my friends who did not still had a fun time. It was definitely a night that I’ll always remember.”

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