Senior Project Speaker, Jill Haney

Senior Project Speaker, Jill Haney

By Olivia Wall


On Tuesday, March 25, senior students were treated with a presentation by image consultant Jill Haney. According to her website,, Haney is “a certified image consultant with the internationally renowned London Image Institute and a member of the Association of Image Consultants International, the world’s largest and most prestigious image association.” The purpose of her presentation on Tuesday was to informe the senior students on the proper way to dress for their senior project presentations, teaching proper business etiquette, and enhancing communication skills.

She spoke to the seniors about body image and confidence.  Haney also stressed the importance of please and thank you, proper eye contact, as well as the difference between classy and trashy and how to dress professionally.

Senior Ashley Holman voiced her opinion during the presentation multiple times whether it was about skin tight bandage dresses or frumpy grandma shoes. Senior Olivia Selle was pulled up in front of the crowd as well during the presentation. She says “I thought the presentation was really fun and interesting. I also found it to be really helpful and I feel a lot more confident for presentation day.”

The presentation was very informative and engaging. Haney most likely saved a lot of girls from a fashion violation come presentation day.

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