StrongHER Plans to Empower Grade-Schoolers

StrongHER Plans to Empower Grade-Schoolers

By Jessica Wuebbolt


The StrongHER club has been around for three years and has been striving to strengthen the self-esteem and confidence of students at Seton. The club has promoted inner beauty and acts of kindness through mirror-less Mondays, decorating the bathroom mirrors, sticking positive messages around the school, and sharing inspirational videos with the club. Now, the StrongHER club is planning to go beyond Seton and spread their mission to grade school girls in the community for the second year.

The goal of bringing club members to grade schools is to discuss current issues and promote self-esteem. In today’s world girls are often insecure about their looks and are influenced by the media. StrongHER hopes to discuss the influence of the media and promote healthy self-confidence and reduce bullying. The club cannot stress enough how important it is to accept the way you are and be yourself.  Junior Jessica Rieskamp explains the importance of bring StrongHER to grade schools, “Looking back I really wished high-schoolers would have taught me how it was okay to be myself and that inner beauty really does matter.”

The club plans on having a one hour presentation at Oyler School. The idea of the presentation is to have fun interactive hands on activities that promote self-confidence. They will open up with what the StrongHER mission is and why they are here. They will then proceed into an icebreaker where the grade-schoolers will learn that everyone has flaws. The committee also plans on showing a video where the message is that even if you have flaws you can still feel comfortable. Not only will the committee be promoting girl power, but they will also promote goal making. Besides showing videos, interactive activities, and giving personal speeches, the club also plans on having several skits.

Right now the club is planning on going to Oyler School. The date is not yet planned, but it will be before the end of the school year. The club is planning to return to Oyler because of how successful their presentation was last year.

The StrongHER club meets every Monday in the study hall room after school.


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