First Wish Bowl

First Wish Bowl

By Taylor Morano


Senior Jenny Healey will be hosting Seton’s first Powder Puff game on Sunday, April 27 at 1 p.m. at the Pit. For those not aware of what Powder Puff is, it is an opportunity for Seton girls to play and show off their flag football skills. However in order to play, girls should know the general rules and guidelines of flag football. This game is not meant to be a physical, pushing, and pounding game. There will be referees and even former Elder football players will be there to assist each team as coaches.

In order to participate, students should write their name and grade level on a piece of paper and put this paper and a five dollar pay-to-play fee in an envelope and turn it into the main office by Tuesday, April 1.

Teams will be divided by grade level. Freshman will be on a team, sophomores will be on a team, juniors will be on a team, and seniors will all be on a team. The freshman will play against sophomores and the juniors will play against the seniors.  T-shirts will be given to each player before the game. Seniors will be wearing blue, juniors yellow, sophomores orange, and freshman pink. The winning teams will receive a champion t-shirt and a trophy.

Not only will this game be fun, but also for a great cause. All proceeds from the game will be donated to the Make- A- Wish- Foundation.  The Make-A-Wish-Foundation is a non-profit organization that grants the wishes of children that are diagnosed with life threatening medical conditions in the United States. These wishes are made possible through the hard work of many dedicated staff, volunteers, donors, and other supporters. Healey said, “These wishes are life changing experiences for children and their families.”

Students who do not want to play are encouraged to cheer on their friends and classmates. There will be a general admission of two dollars per person and LaRosa’s pizza will be available for purchase. There will even be a half time performance by Catholic Residential Services, a nonprofit agency that is dedicated to caring for individuals with developmental disabilities. Senior Megan Kelly has choreographed a dance with Seton’s Dance Team for CRS half-time performance.

In addition to the game and half-time show, Senior Michelle Moehring will be selling chances to enter a raffle to win two LUKE BRYAN tickets to Riverbend on August 23. The tickets will be raffled off for five dollars a chance and the winner of the raffle will be announced at the game. Healey encourages everyone to come saying, “The powder puff game is going to be a fun and welcoming event for all grades levels, and it’s for a great cause. Come support the Make-A-Wish Foundation, enjoy some LaRosas pizza, and enter raffles for skyline gift cards and for the Luke Bryan concert!”

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