Second Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Second Annual Easter Egg Hunt

By Taylor Morano

Easter Hunt article

This Saturday, April 5 the Seton Spanish Club is hosting the second annual Busqueda de Huevo, or Easter Egg Hunt,. This is an amazing opportunity for children ages 0-10 throughout the Price Hill community to get in the Easter spirit and excited for the holiday.  The hunt will begin at 11 a.m. on Seton High school’s front lawn and end at 1 p.m. President of the Spanish Club Kendall Cappel has been putting in a tremendous amount of work and effort by planning this Easter egg hunt all year to make this day special for many children. Senior Allison Bailey says, “The E​aster Egg Hunt is a great way to bring the Price Hill community together, and it is awesome to be able to help the children have fun and to see their smiles!”

This year the children around the community are in for many surprises. Over 1000 colorful plastic eggs will be hidden outside of Seton with treats inside of them including candy stickers, and even bracelets. In addition, there are 10 plastic eggs with a number on them. The 10 lucky participants who find the numbered eggs will win a special prize of a tiny stuffed animal like a bunny.

There will be plenty of activities to keep the children busy such as Easter tattoos for the children to put on before or after the hunt. Guests will also be making cascarones. Cascarones are real eggs that are filled with bird seed. After making a cascarones, they then get to smash the egg all over someone’s head to bring them good luck throughout the year.  Each child who attends will receive a goody bag filled with all kinds of treats. Lastly the children get the opportunity to meet and maybe even get a picture with the Easter Bunny!

Spanish teacher, Mary Beth Corey says, “Last year was the first time hosting an Easter egg hunt, but it was very successful. Over 200 people attended and we are hoping for the same if not more this year.” Volunteers are still needed this Saturday. If you are able or want to be involved in this contact either Kendall Cappel or Mrs. Corey.

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