Senior Pictures will be remembered

Senior Picture’s will be remembered

By Monica Lepper


Pictures are something that can keep memories alive for a lifetime. The class of 2014 took their class picture on Wednesday, April 2 at 7:30 a.m. in the gym. All the girls wore their mint green class t-shirt, or a shirt with similar colors, and their school skirts. Mr. Scholl, professional photographer and father of senior Tori Scholl, photographed the pictures. Senior Kaylie Brown said, “I decided to buy the picture of the senior class to keep the memory of us forever.”

In addition to the senior photo, for years seniors in high school around the Cincinnati area are asked to get their picture taken at Executive Studios. All of these pictures are used by the yearbook staff and put into the yearbook. In 2012, as a result of the senior project, Associate Principle Mrs. Anna Downey expanded the senior composite to a wall paper to decorate the walls of Seton. The first class featured on Seton’s walls is the class of 2012. Downey determined this would be a good idea for public relations for the kickoff of the senior project. The tradition continued the following year with the class of 2013´s pictures wall papered in the main hallway. According to Mrs. Chrstine Brookbank, this year’s Senior Project coordinator, the class of 2014’s senior pictures will be posted on the wall entering into the commons from the main foyer. There will be a quote at the top of the student’s pictures which says “empowering students for a lifetime of learning.” This huge photo is currently in production and will be on the wall by the end of this month in time for the senior project board presentation. Senior Alyssa Lyons said, “I cannot wait to be the third class to have my picture up on the wall. So many people will be able to see it when they walk into the halls of Seton and to me that is exciting.”

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