Water With Blessings Update

Water With Blessings Update

By Molly Brauch



Just two weeks into fundraising for Water With Blessings, Seton’s donation total is already nearing $250. With a final goal of $600 and Seton Helping Saints offering to match what the school raises, it certainly looks like the Saints’ goal for this mission will be well-met. The Book and a Mug contest that the library held raised an outstanding $86 toward the goal. Campus Ministry generously donated $60 of its own funds to support the mission. That is enough to buy one water woman. “I’m excited that Campus Ministry is able to contribute to Water With Blessings,” remarked senior and Campus Ministry member Quinn Scheiner. “We are always looking for ways to reach outside of the community, and to have our efforts reach across the globe is even more inspiring!” Students in Seton’s Latin Club, which is running the drive to support Water With Blessings, are thrilled at how well the school is progressing toward its goal. “This project shows that even the smallest contributions can lead to big changes,” stated Latin Club treasurer Charity Jamison. “Every penny really does count.” You can donate your spare change to the mission at the Water With Blessings table at lunch. Keep up the good work, Saints!

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