Dragon’s Here!

Dragon’s Here!

By Olivia Wall


On Monday morning, March 31, the giant dragon puppet arrived for the Seton-Elder production of Shrek the Musical. Because the puppet is so large, it takes four operators in order for it to reach its maximum size. The operator in charge of the head, sophomore Isabella Timon, must also make the dragon speak and blink as well as lead the other’s across the stage. The other three operators, Claire Witschger, Sarah Kammer and Breanna Brunsman,  must control the body movements of the dragon and make it look as animated and alive as possible considering it is only a puppet.

Junior Cierra Watkins who plays the role of the Dragon expressed her excitement saying, “I think the dragon is really cute and I feel like now that she’s here, I can actually get in real character. She represents my personality – FIERCE!”

The dragon that appears on stage strongly resembles the dragon featured in the DreamWorks production of Shrek. Its giant beady green eyes and pink and purple scales come to life on the Seton-Elder stage. Dragon is the first costume to arrive. According to director Jordan Schad, the rest of the costumes should be in by the end of the week. Slowly but surely all of the missing pieces are coming together and Shrek the Musical is on its way to becoming a hit.

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