Seniors Morgan Masminster and Mikayla Hartoin Host “Day of Play” for Kindergarteners

Seniors Morgan Masminster and Mikayla Hartoin Host “Day of Play” for Kindergarteners

By Sydney Schultz




Senior Morgan Masminster and Mikayla Hartoin’s Senior Projects involve healthy eating and staying active. Both share interest in learning about eating healthy foods and working out, so the two are collaborating to raise awareness for living a healthy lifestyle and to get others to get outside and sweat!

On Friday, April 4, Masminster and Hartoin are hosting an event at Our Lady of Lourdes grade school called a “Day of Play” for their Senior Projects. The event will consist of 33 kindergarten students and a number of Seton seniors helping to facilitate. For the “Day of Play”, Masminster and Hartoin have set up different games for the students to play in such as spud and kick ball in addition to running relay races and having a scavenger hunt.

During the games and activities, the students will also be provided a healthy snack made by Hartoin. The snack will either be a strawberry and banana smoothie or a yogurt fruit bar made with yogurt, granola, chocolate chips, and fresh fruit that have been all mixed together and have been frozen. Hartoin’s final product for her Senior Project is a cookbook full of healthy recipes that she created and other healthy alternatives to every day fattening foods.

Masminster and Hartoin want to share their knowledge of living a healthy lifestyle with the young students and to show them the importance of exercising and being active in a fun and entertaining way. It’s crucial for young children to get the recommended amount of exercise daily in order for them to grow up to be healthy individuals.

“I really enjoy the topic of my project. I want to be a dietician so I think that is a great way for me to gain experience” said Hartoin, “I am really into living a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy, so I thought that this would be a project I liked, and sure enough I was right. I hope the kids learn a lot through the ‘Day of Play’.”

On the other hand, Masminster said, “For the past four years, I was really unhappy with the way I ate and how I didn’t work out a lot and never wanted to, so I thought that if I pursued this as my project, I would have to engage in exercising and eating healthy, and now I am trying to make this an everyday thing for the rest of my life. I have really gotten into working out and making sure that I am eating right and I want to share my experience and journey with others. I want to make a difference in the lives of others.”

In addition to the “Day of Play”, Masminster and Hartoin are also engaged in other field work activities. On Tuesday mornings, they have a Healthy Eating Club where students who want to get fit and in shape can come to the weight room to work out. Anyone is welcome to come, and the group is always under the supervision of Mrs. Mary Ritter.

The goal of both Masminster and Hartoin is to promote healthy eating and getting exercise, and one of the ways they are doing that is through their “Day of Play.” They hope to positively impact the lives of many kindergarteners and influence them that they should eat more fruits and vegetables and play outside to get exercise as much as possible.


Photo credit to  Karen Hartoin*