Elder Prom 2014

By Molly Brauch

photo1 (2)

The morning and afternoon of April 5 were a whirlwind of adventure for certain Westsiders. Girls were running hither and thither to get their hair and nails done. Guys had to pick up corsages and make sure their vests looked as snazzy as possible. If aliens had flown over almost any neighborhood on the West Side on Saturday, they would have been confused to see all the young men and women looking like royalty while getting their pictures taken. All of this hustle and bustle marked the occasion for one of the year’s biggest events: Elder’s Prom.

Gorgeous gowns. Expensive dinners. And, according to Elder senior Matt Murray, who was seen on Saturday with Seton senior Kendall Cappel, “fancier living” than some high school students may have been used to. This was the scene on Saturday. Groups arrived at restaurants such as Mitchell’s Fish Market and Riverview 360 to feast before the evening festivities. Others congregated at the houses of group members to enjoy home cooked meals. Pictures were snapped of boys and their dates at every opportunity, from front yard photos to snapshots at Newport on the Levee.

The dance itself was held at the Newport Syndicate, one of the most extravagant entertainment halls in the Tri-State area. “The Syndicate was beautiful!” remarked Seton senior Marcy Driehaus, who was the date of Elder junior Kyle Ackerman. Attendees were greeted by boxes of sunglasses, the premier prom favor. The night started out rather slow, with only eight or so students warming up the dance floor for the first half an hour. After that, however, the energy picked up, and girls and guys alike were jamming throughout the evening. “Prom was so much fun,” stated Seton senior Olivia Wall, the date of Elder senior Jay Quitter. “I wish I could go back!” One of the most prominent features of the night was the photo booth, where couples or groups could cram and get free photos taken, as serious or as silly as they wanted. The evening ended with “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen, as well as the announcement that the UK Wildcats had beaten the Wisconsin Badgers by one point to advance to the NCAA Championship Game. Faces were full of smiles as teens trailed out of the building, having just experienced what was without a doubt one the most exciting nights of their young lives.



Photo credit to Marcy Driehaus*

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