Sexual Assault Presentation with Charlotte Mock

Sexual Assault Presentation with Charlotte Mock

By Kelly Gallagher



April 2, 2014 was Career Day and also a day that I was fortunate enough to bring in speaker Charlotte Mock to talk about sexual assault prevention and awareness as part of my Senior Project. Mock is a senior at Xavier University and president of Xavier Students Against Sexual Assault. Along with the career day choices, senior students also had the option to attend this presentation.

The presentation on sexual assault started with me introducing myself and explaining why I’ve become so interested in sexual assault prevention.   I then passed out “I Pledge…” index cards. The main point of these index cards was to have the girls pledge something they learned from the presentation in order to protect themselves from becoming a victim of sexual assault in the future. I then introduced Charlotte Mock, Mock gave her presentation with the assistance of using a Prezi and was very relatable to the students. Mock also talked a lot about bystander intervention and encouraged them to help someone who looks like victim and who is not capable of defending themselves. Many girls explained that they did not feel like it was just a typical lecture, Senior Alyssa Lyons explained, “The Sexual Assault prevention presentation was very interesting. I thought it was very informative, especially because I am going to college next year. I think having Charlotte come speak to seniors about this issue was very important. The presentation in itself was very raw, and let girls know that sometimes they might be put in these scary situations. Before going to this presentation, I was aware sexual assault can happen no matter where you are or who you’re with. Attending this presentation gave me a deeper look into what is the process if I am or a friend is put in this situation. At the end Kelly asked seniors to pledge, I pledged to not be a bystander and to be a protective and understanding friend.” Many students gave positive feedback on how great they thought the presentation was.  When choosing a senior project, I knew I wanted to choose a topic that would not only affect me but my classmates as well. Sexual Assault is becoming common in our society. Whether it is happening to girls at college universities or women livingin poverty, I became curious if a woman’s lifestyle affects their chances of getting raped. I want to make a difference in my community and help my fellow classmates understand how they can avoid a traumatizing occurrence such as rape. Though my senior project, my intention is to convey the message to women that it is absolutely not their fault if they are a victim of rape. Researching sexual assault and empowering women has really made an impact on me. I realized that I want to be the type of person who influences girls, especially of my age, to know the consequences and how to avoid victimization.

I was very glad to be able to bring in a speaker and help my classmates become more aware of their surroundings and how to avoid becoming a victim of sexual assault. Although this is a serious topic, I believe it is something that should be addressed so that girls know how to protect themselves in the future and not to be a bystander.

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