Saints first GGCL Win

Saints first GGCL Win

By Alyssa Lyons


After a hard fought battle with Oak Hills, the Saints varsity softball team triumph for a victory over the Mercy Bobcats 2-1 Wednesday, April 9. In the top of the sixth inning the score was 0-0, with junior Lindsey Hubbard at second. Senior Chelsea Zang hit the ball out to Centerfield for an infield double, allowing Hubbard to put the saints up on the scoreboard. As sophomore McKenzie Deppenbrock trades for Zang at second, junior Hannah Wegman placed a ball to center-right field to bring Deppenbrock in. Wegman’s hit was the last of the inning. The Bobcats looked to comeback in the bottom of the sixth. With a runner on second, Mercy hit a ground ball to the outfield as a score ran in for the Bobcats. The score was 2-1 and with Zang at the mound. Tension rose as the Saints have one out with bases loaded, and the count was 3-0. Seniors Zang and Alyssa Lyons worked together as Zang comes back in the count. Zang struck out the batter, and again a second time with bases loaded, the batter is out. The Saints held the score at 2-1, leaving the varsity team with their first GGCL win.

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