StrongHer Club Making a Difference

StrongHer Club Making a Difference

By Monica Lepper

moni monii

The StrongHer club is a group at Seton promoting self-confidence. There are short meetings every Monday after school from 2:40 – 3:20 PM and anyone is welcome to attend in the study hall room. In the beginning of the school year the club focused a lot of self-image and the way media defines the world, which is beautiful. Members participate in various activities and songs that fit with the theme of their meetings and the members really seem to enjoy it. Throughout the school year the members of StrongHer covered the mirrors or posted signs on the mirrors or in the halls saying you are beautiful or something similar. The club also put a positive sticky note on every desk in the school and board members dressed up to school to see the reactions. People judged them for looking better than a normal school day, which shouldn’t matter. According to Haannah Fricke, club treasurer, the members in the club do these things so that others realize their true worth. For the rest of April, they will be working on “Positive Week” that will be occur the last week of the month. This week will include putting positive quotes on the mirrors in the bathroom, sticky notes on every students’ desks, giving cookies to every student, and having positive speakers come in and talk to the whole school. The year will conclude with elections for next year’s board leaders. No matter what the club is doing, it is always making others feel better about themselves and those around them. “Everyone is worth something,” Fricke said, “Being a leader gives me a sense of accomplishment because I know that the girls that continuously come to meetings come back for a reason. It makes me feel like I am making a difference and am giving my fellow saints a confidence boost to love themselves.”

To read some motivational tweets follows the clubs twitter:

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