Students Learn Job Skills through TriHealth

Students Learn Job Skills through TriHealth

By Jessica Wuebbolt


Photo Credit: Ellie Hahn, Aubrie Anneken, and Victoria Hancock

For seven years now, Seton has given hundreds of students the opportunity to gain work skills in high school through the TriHealth summer job internship. Each summer Seton students may get a job where they are placed in various TriHealth locations. Locations include: Good Sam, Bethesda Hospitals, and even local doctor’s offices. According to Mary Agricola, Seton´s director of student life, this is a great opportunity for students who are interested in the medical field, as well as anyone wishing to gain future work skills in any field. Positions are generally available in clerical, accounting, human resources (filing, data entry), in service areas such as patient transport, in environmental (housekeeping, preparing patient rooms), patient contact (medical/surgical unit, outpatient surgery), nutrition, information systems, and several other areas. Students are paid $8.50 an hour and students returning to the program earn $8.75 an hour. The first day of work starts June 16th and ends August 1st. Students may choose a job that works directly with patients or work behind the scenes. Part time and full time position are available to all students fourteen years or older as of June 1st. As a result of the alliance between two SC Ministries sponsored organizations, Seton has been able to place students in various Tri-health locations. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to earn money over the summer while gaining work skills.

Senior Aubrie Anneken has had two impactful summers interning with Tri-Health. Her first job was at Bethesda North where she worked in X-Ray. She transported people in the beds between the ER and x-ray. Anneken says, “I really enjoyed getting the experience of working with all kinds of people and getting to experience the nursing world. I dealt with all kinds of people, even a death, and learned how to work some of the hospital equipment.” Anneken’s second job was a Good Sam where she worked in the PAC-U (Post anesthesia Care Unit).  There she was given a wide range of opportunities to do every day.  She took care of people after their surgery while they were waking up from the anesthesia, took temperatures, blood sugars, and got pillows and blankets for the patients. Anneken hopes to go back there this summer, and get a part time job there while she studies nursing at Good Sam College.

Aubrie is one example of many students who have been impacted by the Tri-Health summer job internship. Anneken says, “I love the environment and the people there. It has really helped me see that being a nurse and helping people is really what I want to do with my life.”

If interested in applying for a summer position with Tri-Health students are asked to attend an the informational meeting on Wednesday April 23 at 7:00 in the cafeteria.For more information, Agricola encourages parents and students to contact her at



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