No More Netflix

No More Netflix

By Alissa Allison


Recently a popular site has been blocked at Seton and has students in a rage. Netflix, the popular site to watch movies and TV shows, was blocked on April 2. Mr. McCarthy from the Help Desk said, “Multiple teachers who noticed girls in their classes and other teacher’s classes distracted and watching Netflix asked for it to be blocked.” A number of teachers agreed it was a legitimate problem and was hindering the learning. This is sure to have a good affect for the students who watch Netflix when they should be paying attention in class.  When asked about the students who are using it appropriately during their downtime in study hall or before and after school, McCarthy added he knows of the exceptions but ultimately it was time to be blocked.


Along with Netflix being blocked another popular website was blocked. A shopping blogger website, Wanelo, was blocked on April 2 as well. Wanelo is similar to Pinterest and Tumblr. Users can reblog clothes, accessories, and other useful items for their car, room, phone, and many more. What is different about this site is users can buy the products seen on the site. It sends them to a link with the available product.


These two websites are some of the student’s favorites, especially seniors who are coming to the end of the year and have a lot of free time in their study halls. Senior Amanda Hayden said, “It’s my time to waste in study hall; I don’t have work to do most of the time anyways.” In the absense of these popular sites, students are sure to find other entertaining websites to occupy their downtime in study hall. Blocking websites is not new to Seton, two years ago the popular blogging site Tumblr was blocked. It did not take students long to find other ways on the internet to entertain themselves.


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