Seton Alumni Celebrate 60th Reunion

Seton Alumni Celebrate 60th Reunion

By Ally Kampel

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On Thursday, April 10, members of the Seton High School class of 1954 celebrated their 60th reunion.  The alumni reunited at Seton for a Mass, lunch, and a tour around the school.  Approximately fifty women came to the reunion from a graduating class of 114 students. Seton ambassadors guided the alumni around the school, telling stories of their times here, and listening to the alumni reminisce about theirs.  Alumnae relations coordinator, Christina McCarthy, said, “We were so fortunate to have such a beautiful day to celebrate the 60th class reunion for this lovely group of Seton sisters.  More than one third of the graduating class of 1954 was able to attend.  It was so much fun to watch them reconnect and remember “the old days.”  The ladies were so gracious and felt honored to have Seton celebrate this milestone with a special luncheon just for them.”


The alumni had a great time telling the ambassadors their stories from their high school days here at Seton.  Everyone involved had a wonderful time.  Junior Leigha Kraemer said, “I absolutely loved working the 60th reunion! It was so intriguing to converse with the alumni about how Seton has changed and what they were involved in at Seton when they went here. Many of the graduates talked with me about sports they played or clubs or councils they were members of. It was also interesting to hear them discuss activities they used to do outside of school. The reunion made me realize how much things have changed. I can’t wait for my 60th reunion!”

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