Senior Jenny Healey’s Wish Bowl

Senior Jenny Healey’s Wish Bowl

By Sydney Schultz




Senior Jenny Healey organized a powder puff football game for Seton students to participate in to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation for her Senior Project. To enter the “Wish Bowl,” as Healey named it, students paid $5, which included a team t-shirt. The game was open to all students and a total of 46 girls signed up.

Healey’s Senior Project is about raising money and awareness for the Make A Wish Foundation. “I chose to get involved with the Make A Wish Foundation because I wanted to help children to be able to experience joy and happiness in times of mental and physical suffering,” Healey said. In order to achieve her goal, she came up with powder puff football game to be a fun and creative way to help others get involved with the Make A Wish Foundation and to spread the word about the organization.

The Wish Bowl was held on Sunday, April 27 at Elder’s Pit. Two teams played each other starting at one o’clock, one team consisting of all seniors and two freshman, and the other team all sophomores and juniors. LaRosa’s pizza was catered and Varsity Elder Football players substituted as the official referees. At half time, senior Michelle Moehring announced the winners of her raffle she organized for her senior project.  Seton senior Nicole Ruffing and Elder senior Kyle Janson each won two lawn tickets for the Luke Bryan concert at Riverbend on August 23 and 24. Seniors Jessica Frey and Colleen O’Connor scored two touch downs in the first half making the score 12-0. The sophomores and juniors held out a good fight, but were not able to score a touchdown during the game. The seniors and two freshmen were awarded a t-shirt for winning that said “CHAMPIONS” on the back.

Senior Morgan Masminster said, “This experience was awesome. I had a great time with all of my friends for a great cause. I hope they can continue this next year.”

Senior Molly Kraisinger also enjoyed the experience. She said, “When I stepped out on that field, I knew what all the Elder football players rave about. I felt complete. My teammates and I shared a bond unexplainable, and I left the Pit with more than turf burns. I left with stronger friendships, free t-shirts, and the pride of helping the Make A Wish Foundation.”

“I raised over $800 for the Make A Wish Foundation and exceeded well over my goal of $500. It was a lot of hard work but also a lot of fun and for a great cause. I hope the underclassmen continue this event and make it grow. Seton and the Seton community could raise thousands of dollars for those in need!” said Healey.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who helped support the Make A Wish Foundation.


Photo credit to Sandy Healey*

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