AP Exams Week One

AP Exams Week One

By Molly Brauch


AP Exams Week One


By Molly Brauch




AP Exams start on Monday, May 5. The exam schedule for classes that Seton offers is as follows:



Monday, May 5: Chemistry, 8:00am


Tuesday, May 6: None


Wednesday, May 7: Calculus AB/Calculus BC, 8:00am


Thursday, May 8: English Literature and Composition, 8:00am; Latin, 12:00pm


Friday, May 9: English Language and Composition, 8:00am; Statistics, 12:00pm; Studio Art


Seven lucky students get to start their week off with the AP Chemistry Exam. On Wednesday, twenty-five girls will be attempting AB Calculus while eight Calculus pros will be taking BC. Eighteen students will be testing for English Lit on Thursday morning, followed by eight students showing off their knowledge in Latin later in the day. Included in those eight Latin students are three girls who have to take the English Literature and Composition exam as well, so they’re in for a long day! Friday begins with thirty-nine juniors taking the English Language and Composition exam. After that, twenty girls will be testing in Statistics. Friday is also the last day for the twenty-two Studio Art girls to submit their portfolios.


Good luck, Saints!

Photo courtesy of Eric E Castro via Creative Commons


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