Lacrosse Senior Night

Lacrosse Senior Night

By Ally Kampel

senior night

The lacrosse teams said their thank-yous and goodbyes to the seniors on Tuesday, April 29, at their home field, West High.   The team played Ursula Academy, and was neck and neck until the very end when Ursula won with the final score was 10-12.  Junior Carly Stagge scored eight of the ten goals.  Senior and captain Kelly Gallagher and sophomore, Cire Brock scored the other two.  In spite of the loss, it was a great game and night for the seniors.  The field was decorated with signs and balloons showing appreciation to all the seniors and their hard work.  Gallagher, said, “Although we lost, I thought it was a really great competitive game, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way for my senior night.  The juniors did a great job preparing for senior night.  I was so happy to score a goal, and the whole night was a memory I will never forget.”


After the game, members of the JV and varsity teams and their parents continued the event at Price Hill Chili where seniors were presented with a gift and words of appreciation.  The seniors received a “college survival kit,” which included a gift basket containing a monogramed towel, picture frames with the team picture, customized lacrosse balls, and candy.


According to lacrosse team member junior, Haley Sponaugle, each senior inspires each person on the teams to do their best and succeed.  Their constant hard work for four years was recognized on their senior night.  She explained, “Senior night was a great way to recognize all of our seniors for all of their hard work and dedication to our team.  I am really going to miss the seniors next year!”


Photo Credit to Kelly Gallagher*

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