Spanish Honor Society Induction Ceremony

Spanish Honor Society Induction Ceremony

By Katie Lehan


On Wednesday, April 30, 88 Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Spanish students gathered in Seton’s auditorium to celebrate their induction into the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Chapter of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, or Spanish Honor Society.  In order to be eligible for induction, each student had to have taken a language at Seton for at least three semesters, have maintained a 93 or above average for those semesters  along with at least an 85 average overall GPA, and have participated in the National Spanish Exam at least once.  In addition, each student was required to fill out an application for admission and complete a portfolio.  After the portfolios were turned in, the acceptance committee, comprised of Courtney Gilday, Paula Giovanetti and Mary Beth Corey, the three Spanish teachers at Seton, read over the candidates’ applications, and then sent out invitation letters to the eligible candidates.


The Induction Ceremony started at 7 pm with the candidates making their entrance into the auditorium after Anna Downey, the Associate Principal for Academics greeted the audience.  Kelly Kraemer, co-vice president of the Spanish Club, then lead the Hail Mary in Spanish as the Opening Prayer.  Following the prayer, Allison Bailey, the other co-vice president of the Spanish club, explained the history and purposes of the Spanish Honor Society.  Next, Kendall Cappel, president of the Spanish Club lead a poem by Gaspar Nunez de Arce, titled ¡Excelsior!  Following the poem, Gilday, explained the significance of the candles that would soon be lit by the candidates.  Directly after the explanation of the candle, the candidates were invited up onto the stage to sign the registry, accept their certificates and light their candles as a symbol of inspiration.  After every candidate had received their certificate and lit their candle, Corey, the advisor of Our Chapter of Guadalupe, led the reading of the oath, which sealed the candidates’ membership into the Society.  Gilday read the closing remarks, and after a group picture, the members gathered outside of the auditorium to be congratulated by their families and attended a punch and cake reception.  Michelle Moehring, a senior that was inducted into the Society said, “It was very exciting being the first inductees into the Spanish Honor Society.  It’s rewarding to know that the hard work I have put in over the past four years in my Spanish classes has been well worth it.”  Congratulations to all those that were inducted into the Spanish Honor Society!

Photo Credit to Lori Bruewer

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