The Latest Buzz in the Beyhive

The Latest Buzz in the Beyhive

Editorial by Marcy Driehaus


I’ve been toying with the idea of writing about one woman in particular since I started this column back in October. The reason I’ve been especially hesitant is due to amount of pressure that comes with writing about a woman so powerful and important. All I want is to do her justice, and now is the time. I’m throwing caution to the wind and finally writing about a woman who has impacted not only me, but her millions of fans across the globe as well. She is a singer. She is a dancer. She is an actress. She is an activist. She is a mother. She is a wife. She is a role model. She is queen. Her name is Beyoncé Knowles, and she is a woman who is out to change the world.


To waste time covering Knowles’s upbringing and rise to fame would be pointless. Most of us are already well aware of the diva’s story. In summary, the little star grew up in Houston, Texas. She began singing at an early age with a few close friends, and with them formed a pop R&B singing group called Destiny’s Child. The group’s success, however, was nothing compared to the success and impact of Knowles’s solo career. This is why it’s so important to focus on the incredible work she is doing today.


To say 2013 and 2014 have been big years for Knowles is a vast understatement. In addition to dropping a record breaking surprise album in December that ended up selling just shy of a million copies in only three days, the superstar had also made it her mission to address women’s rights issues head on. The music on her most recent album exudes messages of female empowerment and sexual liberation. One song that comes to mind that highlights the vital themes of Knowles’s album is called Flawless. This song, featuring former woman of the week Chimamanda Adichie, includes a powerful feminist monologue that has attracted waves of attention.


In addition to promoting equality through her music, Knowles also produced an essay for in January titled Gender Equality Is a Myth!. This essay encompassed her frustration with the current state of a woman’s role in the job market and the oppression women are still facing in the economy today. Her tone, though brutally honest, was exceedingly motivational and the essay as a whole serves as a call to action for all people.


Knowles’s most recent efforts towards gender equality and promoting women’s rights are evident in her active involvement in the “Ban Bossy” campaign. This movement is centered on eradicating the word “bossy” from people’s vocabularies when using it to describe both young girls and women everywhere. “Bossy” has a negative and harmful connotation to it, and Knowles is making it known that she is not bossy, she is the boss. She, along with a whole group of celebrity activists, have banded together to encourage young girls to be ambitious and take on leadership roles without letting the word “bossy” put a damper their ambitions and dreams.


It would be easy to write about the beautiful tone of Knowles’s voice and the different emotions her music provokes. It would be even easier to sit here and list the countless awards she has received, accolades she’s accumulated, and records she has broken over the years. Though her career has been abundantly successful, the characteristic of hers that has influenced me the most is her unwavering determination to change the world. Knowles truly does not care what anyone thinks of her. She is driven, passionate, independent, motivated, and will work tirelessly to get what she wants. These admirable characteristics are emphasized through every aspect of her work. She serves as a role model to people everywhere. She has singlehandedly changed what it means to be a woman and for that I am eternally grateful. As Elder High School senior Jay Quitter puts it, “Beyoncé is a superwoman. She proves to women that it is okay to be an independent woman and that it is okay to feel empowered. Every song she puts out is an anthem. Bey is a queen. Simple as that.”


This summer will be one I will remember forever. I’m thrilled to be able to say that I, along with so many other adoring fans, will get to see Beyoncé perform on June 28 at Great American Ballpark in her surprise stadium tour announced only two days ago. I can’t wait to see what Beyoncé will surprise us with next. All hail Queen Bey.


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