New Orleans Mission Trip Follow Up

New Orleans Mission Trip Follow Up

By Jessica Wuebbolt


Photo Credit: Haley Daugherty

The week of April 12-19 twenty Seton students participated in a mission trip to New Orleans. This is the second year in the row Seton has taken students to New Orleans in the spring. Last year, 2013 alum, Ashley Doyle, planned a mission trip to New Orleans as part of her senior project. The trip was such a success that students were interested in going again this year. For four days the students worked with the St. Bernard Project on rebuilding houses for Hurricane Katrina victims. They worked on a house of a woman named Eva who has been homeless since hurricane Katrina in 2005.  For eight years she has had to live with various family members. The students worked on all sorts of outside work on the house. On the inside students worked on mudding dry wall before they painted the insides of the house.  The house is scheduled to be completed on May 15.

Students got the unique experience of finding out how impactful their work really is when they attended a “Welcome Home” party for a family that finally got their home back that was worked on by the St. Bern​ard Project. Not only did students experience the New Orleans culture, but they also were able to strengthen their faith.  Each night reflection and prayer was led by the senior trip leaders Allison Bailey and Haley Daugherty. Daugherty says, “I was so happy we were able to return this year, because I had such a great experience last year. “

Students also had the chance to immerse themselves in the New Orleans culture throughout the week. For three of the days, the students got to explore the French Quarter. On Sunday, students attended the French Quarter festival which had over 50,000 people attend. Another night, the students went to Sisters of Charity nun, Sister Monica’s house where she gave a tour of the lower ninth ward.

Senior Christine Annekan encourages every student to do mission work in New Orleans. Annekan said, “It was definitely a culture shock but overall well worth it. It was a gratifying experience that I would consider doing again!”

The next mission trip to New Orleans will either be next spring break or early summer. If interested email Sister Sandy.

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